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I have worked with Peter O’Rourke; designer and director. As a part of my studies, I played the main character, “Charlie” from the puppet show “A Message From The Sea”, which was staged at the Little Angel Theatre and toured around primary schools in London during 2019 – 2020. I am a talented and passionate puppet maker with a keen interest in delicate-style puppetry. I worked hard to accomplish wonderful and inspiring theatrical productions and always challenged myself to explore different possibilities from various fields such as applied puppetry and the creation of puppet figures. I also have a strong interest in applied theatre and my current focus is working on stop motion animation.

Explosive Arrangements [2018]

This was a showcase displaying several pieces of performance in different presentations such as performance art and puppetry. Millie and I built “Billy”, to show a puppet that had become self- aware and was pulling himself apart. This was a short performance that was meant to symbolize how the lack of control was complete control of personal life.

Produced by Millie Wise, Rachel Coleman, and Yonghan Yao


Theatre Sound Photography by Heitung Kwok
Theatre Sound Photography by Heitung Kwok

Puppetry Music Video.

The Lion Sleeps Tonight [2019]

Guided by Josh Elwell
Produced by 2020 BATP Puppetry Students from Royal Central School of Speech and Drama
[Millie Wise, Christopher Gadd, Josh Macrow, and Yonghan Yao]

Stop Motion Animation.

A Man Called Ove [2020]

A Man Called Ove is a Stop Motion Animation Project based on Fredrik Backman’s novel ‘A Man Called Ove’. This is a project to produce a short trailer which presents two scenes of the original story. Due to the Covid-19, the project has been delayed. Currently, it is still in the process of shooting and will be completed in the near future.

This is a scene of Ove waking up early in the morning as usual and he found everything around him in the house which made him recall the days when Sonja was still alive.

Guided by Emma Windsor
Produced by Yonghan Yao
Set Designer Heitung Kwok

Theatre Sound Behind the Scene
Theatre Sound Behind the Scene

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