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Millie Wise

Puppeteer & Puppet Maker

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As a puppeteer and puppet maker, my ambition is to create impossible worlds and tell ambitious stories. I want my work to show that theatre is deeply rooted in fun and give audiences permission to let their imaginations run wild. Being a maker and performer means I see that there is beautiful chemistry between building on foundations and spontaneous moments of inspiration. I feel that puppetry allows people – children and adults alike – to believe in real magic unfolding in front of them and I hope to add to that wonder with my whimsical and surreal style.

Theatre Sound A Life in Letters. Van Gogh Writing. Performers: Lucy Sherry and Yonghan Yao
Theatre Sound A Life in Letters. Performers: Lucy Sherry, Chris Gadd and Joshua Macrow
Theatre Sound The Frogs: Recroaked. Commisioned puppets. Dir, Zara Walwayn. Photography by Sam Palmer
Theatre Sound Nature Wolf on the Southbank.
Theatre Sound A Message From the Sea, Dir. Darren East. Photography by Paige Leaf-Wright
Theatre Sound Billy the sentient puppet. In collaboration with Yonghan Yao and Rachel Coleman.
Theatre Sound Mini-me.
Theatre Sound Tony the Fox. Walkabout puppet. Photography by Chris Gadd.