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Matt Powell

Director & Producer

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I work with musical theatre, video in performance and queerness. Often working through physical or digital stages, my practice combines cinematic, scenographic styles with embodiment, movement and music to create visual spectacles. I have an active interest in the representation of queerness in musical theatre both in academia & practice.

Over the past eight years, I have directed and produced a vast portfolio of acclaimed and award-winning work specialising in bespoke youth productions and community projects. During my studies, I became the first student Assistant Director on the MA Music Theatre course, supporting projects over both the 2019 and 2020 cohort. I have also assisted prolific musical theatre director Adam Lenson across several projects.

Recently, I have directed and co-curated on hope: a digital song cycle with The Other Palace and have launched MPTheatricals to create dynamic entertainment experiences on stage & online. Upcoming work includes MTPRIDE: a series of online queer musical theatre events.

I intend to make work that:

  • Creates opportunities for creators to workshop and develop contemporary works.

  • Reaches audiences and demographics who wouldn’t normally consume musical theatre.

  • Experiments with innovations in sound, style and staging in order to challenge what theatre can be & do.

  • Amplifies queer voices & histories that may have been forgotten.

  • Tells stories that unite, confront and share something new with our audiences.

  • Explores music(al) theatre’s ability to lift our spirits and emote like no other art form.

Theatre Sound bare: a pop opera - (Director/Producer)
Theatre Sound American Idiot - (Director/Producer/Video Designer)
Theatre Sound Spring Awakening - (Movement Director/Designer)
Theatre Sound Queer Reframing Photoshoot (Manuel Vason)

Upcoming Work: MTPRIDE

MPTheatricals, Queerly Productions, ALPMusicals & Musical Theatre Network/Mercury Musicals Development are thrilled to present MTPRIDE: an intersectional online musical theatre festival.

Over three weeks, three bespoke evenings of musical theatre will explore queer pasts, presents and futures. Unlocking histories, voicing untold stories, navigating identity mazes and celebrating identities: MTPRIDE celebrates queer beings through the powerful art form of musical theatre.

on hope: a digital song cycle

MPTheatricals in collaboration with The Other Palace to present on hope: a digital song cycle –  an unprecedented  outpouring of new musical theatre pieces designed to spark hope during this global crisis. Curated by Matt Powell & Victoria Saxton in collaboration with The Other Palace, the trilogy blends together pre-recorded and live performances of songs written by over 60 international composers and features a cast of over 100 performers while in isolation.