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Laura Gassen

Set & Costume Designer

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I was born in Brazil, raised in Spain and currently at home in London.

I love characters and storytelling. I am drawn to text-based work and new writing, as well as devised theatre, especially in the context of musicals and children’s theatre. Our natural world fascinates me and I have a keen interest in sustainable design.

Désirs Ville

Directed by Keziah Serreau

Webber Douglas Studio

June 2020 (cancelled)

Costume designer


Devised musical based around music by Prince.

Désirs Ville tells the story of Camille, a woman in 19th century France who was diagnosed as intersex in her 20s.

The musical takes place in two worlds: the human world, and Désirs Ville, populated by the Angels of Desire who facilitate the telling of the story.

Two worlds of stark contrasts and playful characters, with a combination of camp and catholic aesthetics.

Theatre Sound
Theatre Sound
Theatre Sound
Theatre Sound
Theatre Sound
Theatre Sound


Choreographed by Scarlett Perdereau

Sadler’s Wells Theatre

March 2020

Speculative Design


Initially set out as a site responsive piece, my response embraces the relationship between the dancers and the world around them.

Theatre Sound
Theatre Sound
Theatre Sound


Gobby Theatre Company

Horniman Museum

May 2019


Devised musical made for the Horniman museum, with the aim of teaching children about bees and conservation.

Laura's work
Laura's work
Theatre Sound
Theatre Sound
Theatre Sound
Theatre Sound


Directed by Tim Hopkins

Hackney Empire

March 2019

Speculative design

Sketching out character interactions Sketching out character interactions
Laura's work
Theatre Sound A rotating wall reveals the woods behind a world of gods.
Theatre Sound
Theatre Sound
Theatre Sound
Theatre Sound


directed by Duška Radosavljević

Regent’s Park

June 2018

Costume and performance designer


Site specific, immersive gig theatre piece using Anton Chekhov’s The Seagull as the main stimulus. A collaboration between Design for Stage and Performance Arts students.

Jacob Scott, Réka Pavel and myself developed a walk through Konstantin’s inner psyche, as you allow yourself to interact with both the artist and his artwork.

Theatre Sound Photo by Patrick Baldwin
Theatre Sound Photos by Patrick Baldwin
Photos by Patrick Baldwin Photos by Patrick Baldwin


2020 Costume designer – Désirs Ville (Keziah Serreau) (cancelled)

2020 Assistant costume designer – Urinetown The Musical (Chelsea Walker)

2020 Designer – The Hugging Project – speculative (Scarlett Perdereau)

2019 Assistant designer – The Bexliest Day of Our Lives (Ben Buratta)

2019 Designer – La Calisto – speculative (Tim Hopkins)

2019 Costume designer – Save The Bees (Gobby Theatre Company)

2018 Designer – Our Country’s Good – speculative (Amelia Sears)

2018 Designer – Embassy Shorts (Cate Blanchard)

2018 Designer – As It Appears In Dreams (Duška Radosavljević)

2018 Designer – The Seagull – speculative (Yael Shavit)



Model making, costume drawing, hand technical drawing, 2D and 3D AutoCAD, SketchUp, 3D printing, Premiere Pro, Adobe CC Suite (Photoshop, Illustrator, After Effects, Premiere Pro, InDesign)

I have a very keen interest in learning about new software and improving my current skills.


Portuguese (native), Spanish, Catalan, English



Thank you for taking the time to look through my work! This exhibition is the culmination of our degree and one of the most exciting opportunities to talk to new people about our practice. With that in mind, I would be more than happy to chat about my work, share my portfolio with you and get feedback/discuss anything that may be of interest.

Feel free to email me at or drop me a DM on instagram

Hope to hear from you soon!