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Jack Baxter

Composer & Sound Designer

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I’m a composer and sound designer, working in theatre and film. I enjoy sampling and creating my own instruments to give my work it’s own unique sound and flavour.

I was the composer and sound designer on the award winning ‘About 500’ livestream performance.

My recent theatre credits include
Gulliver’s Travels at the Unicorn Theatre,
Cops at Southwark Playhouse,
Albion In Flames at the Union Theatre,
Sancho at the Orange Tree Theatre,
DNA at Queen’s Theatre Hornchurch,
Eros at the White Bear Theatre,
Low Battery at Turf Projects.

My film credits include
A Casting Room (Independent),
Sparks for Blink Industries (for Channel 4),
15 Seconds Of Shame (Independent),
Perils for Janina Lange.

A Casting Room

This is my most recent project. I did all of the sound work (editing, Foley, ADR, mixing) and composed the score.
See YouTube description for full credits.

The score is available to stream here: Spotify / Apple Music