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Iris Ibanez-Rojas

Costume Maker & Costume Supervisor

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My experience as a costume maker includes period corsetry, underpinnings and costume (from Tudor period to 20th century), classical dancewear, leatherwork and prop making of armour in Worbla. My last costume making experience was with English touring company White Horse Theatre in Germany. As costume supervisor, I worked for small productions in opera and panto, and as a wardrobe assistant/dresser in student productions. In the film industry, I assisted costume designer Michaela Mokra during the shooting of a television series “Jenny” Piknik Productions,¬† in Bratislava, Slovakia. I am looking to develop and continue my experience in the theatre, opera, film, and high-end television industries.

Personal Project

Prop Costume Armor and dress.

Leatherwork samples, Worbla and leather final prop armor.

Evening/Royal gown, inspired on design, adapted for use in Film (shorter hems, comfortable movement, sitting, walking)


Costume interpretation: Inspired by Phoenix design by Jolien Rosanne/Fairytas.

  • Armor: Made in Worbla and leather
  • Evening dress: Made in silk.
  • Petticoat: Made in tulle.
  • Black overskirt: Made in tulle.
  • Adapted to use in film/HETV.


    • Costumier: Iris Costumes
    • Model: Georgia Andrews.
    • Hair and make-up: Paul Aspinall.
    • Photographer: Barry MacDonald
    • Video creation: Iris Costumes.

Heroine making processes


Heroine Worbla and Leather processes

White Horse Theatre: Work Placement

White Horse Theatre is a professional theatre company that specializes in the use of theatre as an aid in the teaching of English.

It has grown to become Europe’s largest professional educational touring theatre. White Horse Theatre performs in schools, theatres, and art centers.

CEO/Owner: Peter Griffith

Directors: Peter Griffith, Michael Dray, David Phipps-Davis and Andrew Farish.

Production/Costume Designers: Miri Birch, Jenny Gamble, Polyanna Elston.

Costume maker assistant for “The Green Knight”, “Oliver Twist”.

Costume alterations assistant for ‘Salt and Vinegar’, ‘My Cousin Charles’, ‘Success Story’, ‘The Tyrant’s Kiss’, ‘The Empty Chair’, ‘The Picture of Dorian Grey’.

VSMU Slovak Theatre Faculty: Study exchange placement.

Set and costume design: Text analysis and character breakdown.
Set 3D model making.
Set lighting design.
Costume design and draping realization.
Film of TV-series Jenny:
  • Piknik Productions.
  • Costume designer Michaela Mockra.
  • Costume assistant (myself)