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Eleanor Deacon

Prop Maker, Painter, Designer & Dresser

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I am a versatile maker coming from a background in fine art and design. Over the years, I have obtained a wide variety of skills in a multitude of areas, ranging from designing, sculpting and mould making to carpentry, fibreglass work and paint effects.

I am committed to all aspects of the industry with experience working in a variety of areas such as theatre, visual display, advertisement, events and community arts. I have also enjoyed working with charities and organisations who are focused on bringing creative arts to people with learning disabilities and special needs.

Theatre Sound circus light up 'HOME' sign
Theatre Sound Polly carved, latex covered art deco sun
Theatre Sound art deco sun
Theatre Sound close up weathering of circus signs
Theatre Sound Weathering of 'HOME' sign

Light up circus signs and polly carved art deco sun

Created for traveling show ‘Circus of story tellers’. I was in charge of the paint effects of these props and assisted in the carpentry of the ‘Home’ Letters. I was also solely responsible for the creation and completion of the art deco sun which has been polly carved, covered in muslin and latex; then finished with final weathered paint effects with a glaze coating.

Pianola Pianola
pianola pianola


Made for Lady Killers tableau, creatively produced by Simon Kenny. The pianola was fabricated by me and my fellow prop student Alex Watson. We started with the making of the timbre structure/skelleton of the pianola which we then cladded in MDF. The MDF was then given a faux wood grain effect for the finishing look. The structure was hollow and housed a speaker which played a pre recorded tea room/pianola in the background sound scape.

Theatre Sound fireplace on set
Theatre Sound final dressed fireplace
Theatre Sound fireplace up close
Theatre Sound dremmoling flower motif onto the mantle
Theatre Sound faux mahogany effect
Theatre Sound Adding final weathering touches on set
Theatre Sound Flare Path set with fireplace in situ

Edwardian Fireplace .

I have collaborated with fellow students Arianna Mengarelli and Katie Meeson for the making of this fireplace for the show ‘Flare Path’. I assisted with the carpentry, mostly on the mantle which was a timbre structure, cladded with MDF and detailed with vac-form inserts and foam. I was in charge of the faux paint effects, making sure the faux mahogany wood grain would match throughout the make, over the different types of materials. Also created a faux combustion effect for the fire coals using orange and yellow LED lights on the expanding foam(faux coal/logs), connected to a smoke machine. As a final touch added small dust build up in the crevices, in the detailing and the corners to create ageing and have added a mixture of vermiculite,paint and sand to attain the deposit underneath the fire pit.

Polysyrene carving Polysyrene carving
sign writing sign writing
toy story alien toy story alien

Toy Story Alien

From our shared love of disney this collaboration was born! Personal creative project with Michael Lloyd props. The alien was Polystyrene carved using hot wire, kitchen knives and wire brushes. Pizza Planet sign was CNC routed and then hand painted. This project is currently a work in progress and will hopefully have ‘the clawwww’ to go with it. ┬áTo be continued….. after the pandemic…