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I am a Midlands based freelance Scenic Artist who is very happy to travel for work if necessary. I am passionate about musical theatre, ballet and opera. I enjoy working on a large scale to creatively solve problems and take a design from concept into reality.

I have experienced multiple roles within the scenic art department for a range of public productions; both within the university and on several industry placements including – Rocket Scenery, National Theatre and RSC. I have also undertaken some film work and hope to broaden my experiences into a variety of industries including Murals and Visual Merchandising.

I am continuously honing my creative skills with a willingness to learn whilst being at my most comfortable within a team. I aspire to eventually become the lead scenic artist within a theatrical workshop environment.

Please feel free to contact me for further information or with any questions you may have.

Street Scene - Perspective Personal Project Street Scene - Perspective Personal Project
Textural Door - Personal Project Textural Door - Personal Project
Theatre Sound Drawing Perspective Project
Theatre Sound Washes Perspective Project
Theatre Sound Shadows Perspective Project
Theatre Sound Finished Perspective Project
Theatre Sound Texture Door Sample
Theatre Sound Texture and Washes
Theatre Sound Details
Theatre Sound Close Up Texture and Paintwork
Theatre Sound Finished Texture Project

Both the Street Scene Perspective Project and the Textural Door Project were undertaken in the final two weeks of each of my Placement terms. For context both of these projects at 8 foot tall and approximately 4-5 foot wide.

For the Street Scene I really wanted to practise my traditional perspective cloth skills that are often used in traditional cloth painting. Throughout my time at Central I have discovered a love of cloth painting and I wanted to showcase this with my own personal project that I thoroughly enjoyed.

The Textural Door was inspired by my love of working with texture. I had previously only worked on one show using texture and wanted to experiment more with the limits. This entire piece is textured in tile adhesive and has then been painted in various styles to most accurately depict the various effects needed.

Replica French Commode Project Replica French Commode Project
Theatre Sound Sample
Theatre Sound Drawing up after pounce work
Theatre Sound Painting the details
Theatre Sound Close up 1
Theatre Sound Close up 2
Theatre Sound Close up 3
Theatre Sound Marble Process
Theatre Sound Finished Marble
Theatre Sound Marble Close Up
Theatre Sound Final Photo Taken

This was the last project that I undertook at Central before the lock-down hit. Unfortunately this project remains unfinished in the workshop until further notice. It was such a nice change to work on such small detailing. I was inspired by the intricate French Commode to replicate it, testing my trompe l’oeil and marbling skills. This will hopefully eventually stand on legs with handles and locks attached to it. What you see here is approximately 1.3 meters wide and 0.8 meters tall.

Paradise Alley Sign for The Life Musical Paradise Alley Sign for The Life Musical
Theatre Sound Original Model Piece by designer Jaqueline Gunn
Theatre Sound Sample
Theatre Sound Process Image
Theatre Sound Process Image once Sprayed
Theatre Sound Finished Paint Effect without Frame
Theatre Sound Sign being used during show
Theatre Sound The Life Finished Set

I painted this sign for The Life Musical during my second year at Central. This was a really enjoyable process as my introduction into sign writing and this is a skill that I hope to continue to develop into my professional career.

Tiles for Flare Path Tiles for Flare Path
Theatre Sound Original Drawings provided by designer Liam Bunster
Theatre Sound Sample
Theatre Sound Process
Theatre Sound Finished tiles in the Workshop
Theatre Sound Finished Set for Flare Path

I painted these tiles during my second year for the public production of Flare Path. I really enjoyed realising this intricate design for a naturalistic set. I was also Assistant Head of Department on this project and was responsible for delegating tasks and attending production meetings to collaborate with other various departments throughout this show.

Capital Drawing Capital Drawing

I really enjoyed completing this Capital study during my time in lock-down. I started this project during my second year architectural skills with Stuart Hall and have recently completed it. I really enjoyed working on the shading of this project.

Theatre Sound Finished Mural Urinetown
Theatre Sound Floor Sample
Theatre Sound Blood Sampling
Theatre Sound Amy working on Mural
Theatre Sound Urinetown Finished Set

Urinetown was my last show at Central and I was the Head of the Scenic Art Department on this show. I really enjoyed the problem solving that came with this show. Achieving a high gloss yellow floor on a tight budget and having a toilet that overflows with blood were just some of these problems. I also particularly enjoyed collaborating with other departments and running my own department during this show. I now aspire to be the lead scenic artist within a workshop environment after this experience.

Theatre Sound
Theatre Sound
Theatre Sound
Theatre Sound
Theatre Sound
Theatre Sound
Theatre Sound
Theatre Sound
Theatre Sound
Theatre Sound

Throughout my time at Central I have kept a sketchbook of my work so that I am able to record the processes that I have learnt and process what happened compared to my memories of a show. This is something I hope to continue into my professional practice in some capacity.


Thankyou for viewing my exhibition page. To stay up to date with me and my work please follow me on Instagram. If you would like to see more of my work then please look at my website for a full portfolio and if you have any questions please don’t hesitate to contact me.